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Delivery Error Codes

Possible error codes returned in the Chat Apps delivery receipts include:

Error code Possible Reason Comments
1 AbsentSubscriber Subscriber is not registered in this chat channel
2 ContentRelatedError Content Type is not supported by this channel
14 InternalError Internal error
15 InvalidDestination UserId is not valid for that channel
23 ConnectionError Channel connection error
36 Expired Message expired (not delivered at requested time)
41 SmscReject Message rejected by Chat channel
42 NoCredit Not enough credit on Account wallet
43 SpamFilter Message filtered by anti-spam reason (ie exceeded daily limit of allowed messages on WhatsApp channel)
46 SubscriberNotReachable Message sent to Channel, but user is not reachable for delivery
61 SessionExpired Message trashed by session expired reason (i.e. 24 hours for WhatsApp)