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Inbound Messages are messages sent to you by users, on one of the channels you linked with your Wavecell account. Once this happens, Wavecell send you this message to your webhook.

To use Wavecell inbound Chat Apps capabilities, you need:

  1. A configured account, to use Wavecell Chat Apps product.
  2. A webhook: to indicate to us which URL Wavecell platform should forward the inbound messages addressed to you.


  1. A user sends an message to your WhatsApp number (for example)
  2. Wavecell receives the message on your behalf
  3. Wavecell programmatically transmits the message to the callback URL configured for your webhook including all the information linked to the message.

Retry Mechanism

In case of connection error/timeout or HTTP response code 4XX or 5XX, there will be multiple retry attempts with progressive intervals: 1, 10, 30, 90 sec.

Request format


      "text":"How are u?",