Clevertap is a Mobile Marketing Platform with app marketing automation helping the app marketers to retain user engagement.

CleverTap supports any SMS provider via an HTTP integration. The SMS provider should support receiving messages via the HTTP protocol.

Some use cases

  • Send an SMS or Chat Apps message marketing offers from an event being tracked.
  • Send an SMS or Chat Apps message notifications to customers triggered from the mobile or web app.

Product scope

  • Clevertap

What you’ll need

  • Wavecell SMS or Chat Apps
  • Clevertap (paid)

Setup Clevertap’s SMS generic integration

  1. In the CleverTap Dashboard, navigate to Settings and click on Integrate SMS.
  2. Select Generic.
  3. Select POST option which Wavecell supports.
  4. Enter the HTTP API endpoint from Wavecell.{subaccountid}/single (replace {subaccountid} with the subaccountid you would like to use) Customer Portal
  5. Add headers for authentication, since Wavecell supports Token Bearer authentication.
  6. Parameters – You can send your POST in the raw format.
"source": "Zendesk", 
"destination": "+12345678", 
"text": "Hello world!"
  1. Save your Generic SMS integration then use that as an action on your campaign’s events.