SMS Engage Response

SMS Engage Responses (via Webhook)

  • POST requests are sent by the Wavecell platform in JSON format to the webhook URL configured for your account.
  • You can configure a default webhook URL for your account by contacting Wavecell support team.

Sample of SMS Engage responses via webhook:

  "umid": "84e7ee9a-5c41-e811-814c-020897df5459",
  "surveyId": "test-surveyid",
  "surveyStartedAt": "2018-04-16T09:59:48Z",
  "surveySubmittedAt": "2018-04-16T10:00:14Z",
  "templateVariables": [
      "name": "firstname",
      "value": "Petia"
      "name": "order_nr",
      "value": "1010101"
  "answers": [
      "questionId": "3",
      "answerId": "10003",
      "question": "Dear [url('FirstName')],<br />\nOrder [url('order_nr')] was found as a duplication, please confirm below or your order will be cancelled",
      "answer": "Cancel Now"
      "questionId": "16",
      "answerId": null,
      "question": "Full Name",
      "answer": "Petia"
      "questionId": "4",
      "answerId": "10005",
      "question": "Do you confirm your response?",
      "answer": "Yes"


  • UMID: unique identifier generated by Wavecell for the message
  • SurveyId: unique name or identifier created by Wavecell for the SMS Engage
  • SurveyStartedAt : the date and timestamp the SMS Engage has been created
  • SurveySubmittedAt : the date and timestamp the client has completed and submitted the SMS Engage
  • TemplateVariables : the names and values of the variables used to send the SMS Engage
  • Answers : the answers or responses submitted by the client based on the corresponding questions. The variables included are questionId, answerId,question and answer

NB: The number of questions and their types will depend on the survey you have in place for your SMS Engage campaign.