Welcome to Wavecell SMS product!

Welcome to Wavecell SMS API documentation!

You can use our API to:
  • send SMS individually or by batch of up to 10,000 messages to any country or operator in the world.
  • generate and authenticate SMS-based mobile verification requests
  • schedule and manage SMS campaigns
  • programmatically retrieve SMS usage data
  • administrate interactive SMS Engage survey campaigns and retrieve responses details

If you do not already have a Wavecell account, create one now on our website: https://www.wavecell.com

To configure your account, credit your Wavecell balance, check your consumption and see a detailed pricing, head over to your account dashboard

If you need any assistance and API integration help, you can open a support ticket

For any commerical request concerning your Wavecell account, reach out to our account management team at sales@wavecell.com