Wavecell Voice Messaging API uses the same authentication method as our SMS API; you can re-use your existing APIkey generated from the Wavecell Web Portal.

You need to include the following header in your requests:

Authorization: Bearer {apiKey}

NB:(replace the {apiKey} placeholder with the key generated from the customer portal)


Using Wavecell API, you can use 2 different methods to send Voice Messages to your end users; each method is specific and best suited for well-defined use-cases:

Voice Message - Single allows you to send one Voice Message per API request and is the most simple endpoint: you submit a JSON object with the Voice Message properties to the API. It is most suited for transactional messages.

Voice Message - Many allows you to submit an array of Voice Messages to the API, it should be used for broadcasting personalised content when each message needs a certain amount of unique personalisation.